A small stone of mass m=200g is held under water in a tall jar and allowed to fall as shown in the fig. The free body diagram of the stone is also shown.

i) What F2 and m1 represent.

ii) Caldulate the net force acting on the stone and .

iii) its acceleration as it falls through water. (Neglect the force due to viscosity. Take the volume of the stone as 80 cm3, density of water as 1.0 gcm-3 and the acceleration due to gravity, g=10ms-2

Mass = 200g

Please specify the date provided in the figure.

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Plz tell correct ans
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F2 represnts the upthrust on stone due to water . M1 representsthemass of water displaced by stone.netforce acting on stone =f1-f2(downwards)calculate g using thes datas
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Take concise physics From example you would get those answers
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