A small story on respect your elders

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Rama was a lovely, well-mannered child.
- She lived in a small town with her grandparents and parents.
- As the schooling available in that town was not of a desired standard, her parents decided to send her to a hostel of a reputed school.
- Rama left halfheartedly; but, once there, she quickly got adjusted to the hostel routine.
- She even made new friends, but, unfortunately she fell into poor company!
- Her friends paid no attention to family values, respect and obedience and often broke school rules.
- Rama's parents were shocked when they received a complaint from her warden about her insolent behaviour.
- They waited for her to get home during the vacations.
- Her grandma was pained to see a changed Rama: rude and impolite to elders.
- She decided to teach her a lesson: Rama's parents and grandparents started scolding her for no reason, they started fighting with each other, being rude for no rhyme or reason.
- The house became an unpleasant place to stay: her parents openly insulted her grandparents, who, in turn fought with them.
- One day, Rama just couldn't take it any more.
- She shouted out loud, "Stop! What is wrong with all of you? I can't stay in this house where you are all so rude to each other!"
- Immediately, her grandma hugged her and said, "I knew my Rama was there somewhere! I hope you realise what insulting elders can lead to! It is good you have realised yourself: we were only doing this to make you understand that elders deserve our respect...."

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Once there was a boy named  Raghu who was very kind.Their parents loved him a lot because he respect his parents all the time.Whenever guests come to his house with great respect he  great them.Others also liked Raghu.He was a very well  known kid in the town.The next day was his birthday, people who came to visit him gave a hand full of gifts and then he got a prize for respecting elders and being kind to the them.
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Ashley lili is right
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