A student of your class has not been able to attend school for a week due to some illness. You volunteer to help him catch up with all the work he has missed. Later, the teacher praises your efforts. Write a diary entry in about 50 - 60 words to state how you helped your friend and your feelings after doing so. Would you have felt the same if teacher had not acknowledged your efforts? Please give me only some good points.

Such questions test your creative and writing skills and must be attempted on your own. However, the following points will help you elaborate:

--My classmate had gone through a horrible time because of the illness. Above that he had missed school and thus was lagging in all the subjects.

--I felt it humane to help him in his time of need.

--he had not purposely missed classes rather, his reason was genuine.

--as a good human and as a good classmate, I thought it to be my duty to help him. Further, I felt bad for him to have missed on such important classes because of the illness.

--it would have been very trouble some for him trying to collect all the information of which he had no idea. Thus, I lent to him all my notes so that he could complete his. Further, I discussed with him the important topics covered in his absence to give him some idea of them.

--I too would have appreciated some help if I had been in his place.

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