A transformer has 250 primary turns and 500 secondary turns.If 200V electric potential is applied to the primary turns resulting in a current of 5 mA, find the secondary voltage and current

Ip/Is=Ns/Np=Es/Ep Ip=primary current Np=250 Is=secondary current Ns=500 Ns=no. Of turns for secondary Therefore, Ns/Np=2 Np=no. Of turns for primary Ep=200 (gn) Es=emf of secondary Es/Ep=Ns/Np=2 Ep=emf of primary Therefore, Es/200=2 Es=400V Ip/Is=Ns/Np=2 Therefore,Ip/Is=2 Ip=5mA=5*10^(-3)A 5mA/Is=2 Therefore,Is=2.5mA

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