abc is an isosceles triangle in which ab=ac, p and q are points on ab and ac such that ap=cq than prove that angle abq=angle acp

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Please recheck your question there seems to be some mistake in the given part of the question.With the given information we cannot prove the desired result.Looking forward to hear from you again.

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In triangles bqc and pbc, Ap-ab=ac-aq = pb=QC BC=BC common Angle pbc=angle qcb angles of opp sides of isosceles triangle Triangles proved congruent by SAS Therefore PC=qb cpct In triangles APC and aqb, Ap=aq AC=ab sides of isosceles triangle PC=ab proved above Triangles proved congruent by SAS Therefore angle abq=angle acp by cpct Hope you find this helpful!

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Please find spaces in between my previous answer!!
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