according to merit nation 'daily' is an adverb of time but in my book it is given that daily is an adverb of frequency ,which according to me is correct as it tells us how frequently or how often an action takes place.I received the following answer from ur chapter test stating that daily is an adverb of time though it should be adverb of, experts can u give me some solution to this problem   

Dear Student,

When dealing with the adverbs of time and frequency, there is a bit of an overlap between a few words and their usage. The word 'daily' is one such word.
Adverbs of time are used for denoting when a thing is to happen while the Adverbs of frequency denote how frequently an action takes place. Following is the usage of the word 'daily' in both ways:
Adverb of time: The newspaper arrives daily.
Adverb of frequency: The doctor has advised him to brush his teeth twice daily.

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According To me, Daily Must Be Adverb Of Frequency
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Guys, Daily is Adverb of Frequency.

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