advantages and disadvantages of inbreeding and out breeding

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Advantage of inbreeding: preservation of good characteristics. 

Disadvantages: Inbreeding depression is the reduction in the fertility and productivity of an organism due to continuous inbreeding. Inbreeding refers to the mating of closely- related individuals within the same breed. Continued inbreeding especially close inbreeding usually reduces the fertility and even productivity of an organism.

Advantages of Out breeding: Development of more desired and a combination of characters.

Disadvantages of Out breeding:

1 The hybrid animal produced is not always fertile.
2 Outbreeding requires a transfer of gametes between individuals. If individuals are far , or if pollinators are less then   sexual reproduction may not occur at all in obligately outbreeding species.
3 Can destroy well-adapted genotypes because the offspring (genotypes) from sexual reproduction are not guaranteed to be viable, as is the case with selfing.

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