Advantages of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction ?

Advantages of sexual reproduction are:

  1. Variations: Due to recombination and crossing over, sexual reproduction brings about variations in species. Variations are essential for individuality and evolution of species.
  2. Better adaptability: Increased variability due to sexual reproduction helps in better adaptability of species.
  3. Evolution: It helps in evolution of species.
  4. Harmful traits can be removed by selection of better adapted individuals or may be not expressed due to reshuffling of gene pairs.

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the advantage is that sexual reproduction crates more diversity and there fore different types of resistance against different treats. A-sexual reproduction makes the exact same copy, this means that if some sort of virus mutated to kill something that was asexual it would wipe out the whole entire species because that species did not have different characteristics. Since they had all the same genetics they would all die of the same thing. So divercity is the key to survival and sexual reproduction creates divercity.


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Advantages of sexual reproduction :

  • In sexual reproduction, more variations are produced. Thus, it ensures survival of species in a population.

  • The new formed individual has characteristics of both the parents.

  • Variations are more viable in sexual mode than in asexual one. This is because in asexual reproduction, DNA has to function inside the inherited cellular apparatus..hope it helps,,thumbs up plzz,experts

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Sexual reproduction introduces new genes which may prove to produce new and better organism. It creates genetic variation which may provide the organism to survive better. Asexual reproduction produces identical copy of single parent which never shows any genetic variation (except due to mutation).

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