Amit sir,I would also like to request you for providing some important questions from the topic "Long run production".

What type of questions can be basically asked?
Is Cobb-douglas prod. function included under our syllabus??(under the topic long run production)

Amit, as we all have experienced in the exams of Business Studies and Mathematics, all what is covered in the NCERT textbooks in covered in the syllabus. ​As of now, CBSE has not issued any circular where it has explicitly mentioned the exclusion or inclusion of the above topic from/in the syllabus. Also, this topic is covered in the NCERT book which is a prescribed textbook by CBSE. So, I think it will be wise if you can go through it. After all, it would not be wise to risk even a single mark question. Atleast have an overview of this topic as CBSE in the past has diverged from the prescribed blue print. Perhaps, this is the reason that we have been repeatedly advising our student not to strictly follow the prescribed blue print given by CBSE. Rather, they must try to take it with a pinch of salt and try to cover a little bit than what has been prescribed.

You can also follow the below link to refer to the important topics and additional topics. Share this with your friends.

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