Ammonium sulphate is heated with NaOH and the gas liberated is bubbled into methyl orange solution

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When ammonium sulphate is heated with sodium hydroxide, sodium sulphate is formed with the liberation of Ammonia gas and water vapor. The reaction is as follows:
(NH4)2SO4(s) + NaOH(s) + heat        > Na2SO4(s) + NH3(g) ​​​​ + H2O(g)
Since, upon addition of Ammonia in water forms ammonium hydroxide, hence when ammonia gas is bubbled through methyl orange solution, the colour changes from orange to yellow.
NH3(g) + H2O(l)        > NH4OH(aq) (basic in nature)

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(NH4)2SO 4+Na OH--->Na2 SO4+NH3+H20
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(NH4)2SO4 +NaOH -------heat-------> Na2SO4 + NH3 + H2O
Gas evolved is Ammonia (NH3) which is basic in nature as dissolving ammonia in water gives basic solution.
So when the gas is bubbled through Methyl Orange Indicator the solution turns yellow in colour.

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