A   m o l e c u l e   w h i c h   C A N N O T   e x i s t   t h e o r e t i c a l l y   i s a )   SF 4 b )   OF 2 c )   OF 4 d )   O 2 F 2

OFis most unlikely to be possible because fluorine is highly electronegative element . thus attract shared pair of electron towards its self causing oxygen atom suffer distorment . more over her oxygen atom is supposed to form two cordination bond with any two fluorine atoms which is unlikely to be possible.

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Flourine is a highly electronegative element. Thus it attarcts the shared pair of electrons towards it which causes
a total dipole moment Thus the oxygen atom suffers  distortment .
thus to avoid this the atoms attached to it will me reduced toreduce the moment
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