and the Greeks and the Arabs? 
2. What are some of the things you know about the poeple of Coorg, the 
main crop of Coorg and the sports it offers to tourists?
1. What are the legends about discovery of tea? 
2. What are the facts about tea that Rajvir tells Pranjol and his father?
1. How was MIJ transported to England? 
2. What does the author want to say by using the phrase “ Compulsive habits”? 
What, according to the author, are the compulsive habits of school children 
and of mijbil? 
3. What things does Mij do which tell you that he is an intelligent, friendly and 
fun­loving animal who needs love?
1. What was the favourite pastime of Valli? How did her desire to have a ride 
on the bus? 
2. How did valli plan her bus ride? How did she make the arrangements? 
3. Discuss how Valli’s bus journey into the world outside her village is also 
her induction into the mystery of life and death. CH.10  “THE  SERMON AT BENARES”
1. Why did Kisa Gotami go to the Buddha? What did the Buddha say to her 
and why? 
2. “He who seeks peace should  draw  out the  arrow  of lamentation and 
complaint, and grief”. How does Gautam Buddha make the human beings
realise that Death is common to all?

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Valli's favourite pastime was standing on outdoor of her house watching what was happening on the street outside.
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