anne frank had an acute sense of humour and satire.discuss

Anne Frank had a good sense of humour and a knack for painting satirical portraits of people which is evident from the fact that she could see the humour in the unlikeliest of situations and chose to dwell on that rather than be bogged down by the hardships of life. The way she talks about the van Daans, the kind of life they had to live in the annex and the hardships of being persecuted for her ethnicity, her wit shines through in all her statements and observations. She also brings out the satire through her narratives,especially when she comments upon the political situations and her opinions on war and regime changes. Here is a young girl who is mature and wise for her age and intelligently comments on life as she sees it. She takes things in her stride and strives to see the humour in situations like her dealings with Dussel and run-ins with Mrs van Daan.

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Anne in injects humour from time to time, usually when referring to other people in the annex. An example of this is when Mr. Dussel opens a dental "practice" in the attic--a humorous episode follows with him treating Mrs. Van Daan's toothaches.

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