Ans these pls

Ans these pls 4 7. n. 11. 12. 12. 14. 15. Fill in the blanks with a verb that agrees With the subject. There......plenty Of sugar in the jar. Why can't ycu see? For some, politics....a dirty game. Do you also think so? A great politician and statesman.... spoken against this practice. Have you heard? Every member of tie cornmittee......required to come. Still, many abstained. To promise help and then dither when the need arose-....cordernnable, wasn't it? Your happiness or rnisery. ...always in yot-r c.un hands. The cost of all the necessities of these days. One of these persons....responsible for what has happened. Ttp famous wicketkeeper and captain....annourxed his retirerrpnt from tst cricket. Hft••,' thousand rupees..... not enough for such a good thing. Pay stay thousand. The red and white umbrella.....good. The red and the white umbrella.....good. Her hair is and teeth....white. Her hair..... black and frock white. What they say right.

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Here is your answer:

1. is
2. is 
3. has
4. is
5. was
6. is
7. is
8. is
9. has
10. is
11. is
12. are
13. are
14. is 
15. are

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