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Answer all the questions Y Gisen alongside is the agrarn o set-up to demonstrate a Certain pheno plants. Nume the phe n omenon SPRING being demonstra-!cd. BALANCE (b) What is the purpose of putcing oil in the rest (c) What is the purpose of the spring balance in the Set •up ? (d) Would it make a difference if the experimental set-up is kept in bright sunshine? SHOOT WATER

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Refer below for above asked query:-

(a) Transpiration is being demonstrated.

(b) Oil is put on the surface of water to prevent loss of water by evaporation.

(c) The spring balance progressively measures the change in weight of the set-up. This because as the plant transpires, it creates the suction force in plant which allows roots to absorb more water from the test tube. Hence, the water in the test will get reduced. Thus, the weight of the entire set will decrease.

(d) Yes, the transpiration rate will increase. Transpiration would occur faster. The observable changes will occur in less time.

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