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answer & explain briefly I saw my mother, beside me, doze, open mouthed, her face ashen like that of a corpse and realised with pain . (a) Who is (b) What did 'l' realise with pain? (c) Why was the realisation painful? (d) Identify and name the figure of speech used in these lines.

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(a) In the given lines,'I' refers to the poet of the poem 'My mother at sixty-six' - Kamla Das.
(b) The poet realises with pain that her mother was becoming old with every day that passes by.
(c) The realisation is painful because the poet knows that her mother would soon pass away and she'll be left alone.
(d) A simile is being used in the line 'Like that of a corpse'.


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(a)The word 'I' stand for the poet . (b) she realised with pain that the process of ageing and decaying had started working on her old mother. (c). This realisation is painful as it reminds her that her ageing mother is slowly but surely inching towards her death. (d) the figure of speech used in these lines is a smile.
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