Answer it quickly

Answer it quickly exFrimental set up in figure and Fstions diat follow : wv *nomenon is being studied by this set up nrntioned in (a) is nrant by •semipermeable membrane' ? yua in the set up after Give a reson for your answer. sou_ltion permeable

Dear Student,

(a.) The phenomenon of Osmosis is being studied in the given setup.

(b.) Osmosis is the movement of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane across a concentration gradient.

(c.) Semi permeable membrane refers to the membrane that allows only certain substances to pass through it. It restricts the movement of other substances across it.

(d.) After an hour, we would observe that there is no net flow of substances across the semipermeable membrane. That is, equilibrium is achieved. The concentration of substances on both sides of the membrane are now the same(isotonic solution). 


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