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i) Option c) 16 is correct
Female honey bee usually lays two types of eggs - fertilised eggs and unfertilised eggs. Fertilized eggs give rise to female honey bees among which those who are fed with royal jelly become fertile female or queen and others become sterile female or worker bees. The honey bees that are borne from unfertilized eggs are made honey bees or drone.
A drone is a male bee which is produced from an unfertilized egg, by the process known as parthenogenesis. Hence, drones are haploid in nature. 
Here, 2n = 32 so ploidy of drone will be n = 16
ii) Option b) is correct: To perform copulation
The nuptial flight is performed so that copulation can take place between the female queen bee and the male drone. 

iii) Option C) is correct: Mitosis
Drones in honey bee produce gametes by the process called as mitosis.This is because the male honey bee or drones are haploid.Thus, they produce the sperm by mitosis.Mitosis is the type of cell division in which the chromosome number remains the same after cell division.Thus, haploid drones produce haploid gametes by mitosis.

iv) Option b) Type of nutrition given to the larvae. 
There is a very strong, milky substance known as royal jelly that converts ordinary bee into queen bee. This jelly is made up of digested pollen, honey, nectar which is mixed with a chemical secreted from nursing's bee head. It is used as dietary supplement and fertility stimulant.

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