Answer question 20

Answer question 20 19. YowesXC 4,000. On 1st January, 2017, Yaccepts a 3 months his claim. On the same date, it was endorsed by X to Z in satisfaction of his claim o" bill is dishonoured on the due date. Give the Journal entries in the books of X . Rama sold goods worth 1,200 to Reshma on 1st January, 2017. On the same date u. draws a bill on Reshma for 1,200 for a period of 3 months. On receipt of the bi 1st January, duly accepted by Reshma, Rama discounts it with a bank at 6% p.a. On date of maturity, the bill was dishonoured, the bank having to pay 20 as noting charø Rama was compelled to make the settlement. from the above in the books Of both Rama and Show the Journal entries 21. On 1st January, 2017 , A dr a bill on B for I , 000 payable after 3 months. Immediately after its acceptance, A sends the bill to his bank for collection. On the due date, the bill dishonoured. Record the transactions in the Journals of A and B. 022. A 1,000 is drawn by Aon B and accepted by the latter payable at the New

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