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Q13. A cuboidal block of metal has dimensions 36 cm by 32 cm by 0.25m. It is melted and recast into cubes with an edge of 4 cm. How many such cubes can be made? What is the cost of silver coating the surfaces of the cubes at the rate of Rs.1.25 per square metre?

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Volume of a cuboidal block=n×Volume of cubes       --[where n is number of cubes]l×b×h=n×a336cm×32cm×0.25×100cm=n×4cm3 36×32×25=n×64n=36×32×2564n=36×1×252n=18×25n=450 Number of such cubes formed=450Surface area of 1 cube=6a2=6×4×4=96 cm2Surface area of 450 cube=450×96 cm2=43200 cm2Cost of 1 m2 = Rs 1.25Cost of 10000 cm2 = Rs 1.25Cost of 43200 cm2=Rs 43200×1.2510000=Rs 432×12510000=Rs 432×12510000Cost of 43200 cm2=Rs 5.4

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