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A 40W-110V bulb is to be used with 220V-50Hz AC.Calculate the inductance required for this purpose.
(c) In a diffraction phenomenon, radius of the central bright region is given as r 0 = 1 . 22 λf 2 a
where   λ   is   wavelength   of   the   light , f   is   the   focal   length   of   the   lens   used   and   2 a   is   the diameter   of   the   aperture . Show   that   in   order   to   observe   two   objects   clearly   by   a   microscope , the   minimum   separation   between   them   must   be   1 . 22 λ 2 sinβ   where   β   is   the   angle   between   principal axis   of   the   objective   and   the   ray   of   light   from   the   object   to   the   apex   of   the   lens .
A   beam   of   light   consisting   of   wavelengths   6500 A ˙   and   5200 A ˙   is   used   in   Young ' s   double   slit experiment   of   slit   separations   2 mm   and   where   the   screen   is   120   cm   away . Find   the   distance to   the   third   fringe   from   the   central   maximum   for   the   wavelength   6500 A ˙ .   What   is   the   least distance   from   the   central   maximum   at   which   the   bright   fringes   due   to   both   wavelengths coincide ?

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Answer Part -a)
As bulb and inductance are connected in series with AC source.
Current across bulbtP= VI40 W = 110 V ×II××=4/11 ASame current will flow across inductance L.IL = V/ωLIL = V2πf×LL=110 V2×3.14×50 Hz ×4/11 AL=12101257=0.96 H
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