Answer the question number 6 all

Answer the question number 6 all Give SECTION C m m a r 20 5. Change the form (a) The teacher told Minaxi he would wanted her to him hmv she do (b) The Jady *aid to salea-nan. to her. "It is a bit But can give it 6. Change the vo ice o f any three ofthe followi ng sentence. (a) Man makes machines. (b) My watch Was stolen. (c) Please give meiome more time. (d) When will the work be finished? (e) Close all the gates at once. Rewrite any five of the following sentences using conecttense forms. (a) Iwishl (b) I shall notgooutforawalkifit.......... . (rain) (c) She (study) law

man made
stolen watch
close your b**t
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