Answer this 4th

Answer this 4th The dange ry Is l'nminent. (J) She gave her assent to her daughter's (b) She gave her ascent to her daughter's marriage.( ) words in right order jand write the statements : t / certainly / a' (new Car / / / mentklly / / thi G/jnt / / iri '/ maga$ihe / thi' / fipis*ng I arae ard't/ basketball / you / enoåÅh / / IPlay Each of the following sentences has a mistake in It. Write sentence : inm e : I didn't want the suitcase, so I returned them. Ptnrned it.

I am  just finishing an article in this magazine.

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Tell me all the the parts of 4th question (1,2,3,4,5)
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the word them cant be used in this case for suitcase
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