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Answer this question this 9 e 5. Solve the following exampleS• a. An ob_jcct takes 5 s to reach from a height of S m on a plan What is the value of g on the plonet2 Ans: 0.4 Inls2 b. The radius of planet A is half the radius of planet B. Ifthe mass of A IS MA, what must be the mass of B SO that the value of g on B is half that of its value on A? Ans: 2 MA c. The mass and weight of an object on earth are 5 kg and 49 N respectively. What will be their values on the moon? Assume that the acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 116th of that on the earth. Ans: 5 kg and 8.17 She tyre gravit the Use P roiect: Toke Find out moon $.06

Dear Student,
Soln (a):
 h=ut+12gt2For free fall: initial velocity, u = 0h = 12gt2g =2ht2=2×55×5=0.4m/s2

Soln b:
Gravitational force on a body of mass m due to planet A: GMAmRA2 = mg
Gravitational force on a body of mass m due to planet B: GMBmRB2 = mg'
Given, RA = RB2
For g' = g2GMBRB2 = 12GMARA2 = 42GMARB2 MB = 2MA

Soln (c):

Mass on earth, m = 5 kg
Weight on earth, w = mg = 49N
 g = 9.8 m/s2
gmoon=16×g=16×9.8 =1.63 m/s2
mass on moon will remain same i.e. 5 kg
weight on moon = 16×49 = 8.17N


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