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Answer this quetions If a 1200 electric iron is used daily tor 30 minutes, how much total electricity is consumed in the month of April? (Ans Unit) . Ifthe energy ofa ball falling from a height of 10 metres is reduced by 40%, how high will it rebound? (Ans : 6 m) . The velocity of a car increase from 54 km/hr to 72 knvhr. How much is the work done if the mass of the car is 1500 kg ? (Ans. : 131250 J) Ravi applied a force of 10 N and moved a book 30 cm in the direction of the force. How much was the work done by Ravi? (Ans: 3 J) Study the vonous instances of trasntörmauon of energy you see around you and discuss them In

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c) The energy at some height=mgh=mg×10when it is reduced by 40% than the final energy will be 60% of initialEnergy=60100×mg×10=mg×h'h'=6mFor further queries kindly ask in another thread.Hope to hear from you again.REGARDS

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