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Answers plzzzzz faster 2. 22. DO people come out here? 23. What do mean? 24. don • t be a fool. 25. The two notiusCas their thoughts and nersonlixy, were more. IPE MODEL EXERCISES 1. Identify the parts Of speech Of any eight Of the fol low i ng u nderlined wo rds i) The mg-simplest and commonest words in any language are "yes "and "no" ii) not a personal only. a social contract iii) Children are a Of joy to the parents. iv) Music draws the attention Of ey.e.r,yone: v) Hyderabad is a historical city. Identify the parts of speech of any eight of the following underlined words ii) On every acknowledges that these would not have been possible without the tremendous support and encouragement she recei_ygd from her parents. Since it was raining, he took an umbrella him,

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हम हिंदी पाठ से संबंधित विषयों के उत्तर दे सकते है।

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