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1. The largest plant cell is the xylem cell.

2. Two structures found in plant cells and not in animal cells are- Cell wall and chloroplast.

3. Two structures found in animal cells and not in plant cells are- Centrosome and lysosome.

4. The nucleus is called the "director of the cell" because it controls the activities of the cell. The nucleus is an organelle that directs all of the other functions of the cell. DNA, the genetic material of an organism, is located in the nucleus. DNA is made of amino acids, which combine to form proteins.

5. In plant cells, the cell wall is non-living. This is because it is present outside the living boundary of the cell (plasma membrane) and is an extracellular product.

6. The two semi-autonomous cell organelles are- Mitochondria and chloroplast.

7. The cell organelle which releases ATP as energy is mitochondria.

8. ATP stands for Adenosine triphosphate.

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