1.The thought was almost revolting.

2.An expanse of pure white serenity.

3.A veritable bedlam of chirrupings.

4. Frivolous rebukes.

5. The sagging skins of the dilapidated drum.

Hello Neetha,
The answer to your query is as follows:
·  The thought was almost revolting: The thought of the author’s old grandmother being young and pretty, in early years of her life, raised a conflict in the mind of the author.
·  An expanse of pure white serenity:
This simile is used to describe the calmness and peaceful character of the author’s grandmother, as compared to the winter landscape in the mountains. It draws a picture of contentment.
·  A veritable bedlam of chirruping:
 A genuine creations of noise or confusions is caused by the chirruping of the sparrows which scattered and perched around the author’s grandmother.
·  Frivolous rebukes:
The author’s grandmother criticized or checked on the sparrows, in vain. Her sharp reprimands were of little importance to the sparrows, as the latter couldn’t understand human language.
·  The sagging skins of the dilapidated drum:
 The deteriorated condition of the drum has been described here. The author’s grandmother played this broken drum even though it was falling into a state of disrepair.
Hope you are satisfied!

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