Anybody PLZ explain the following , its very urgent

1 mechanistic view to a holistic & ecological  view.

2 Ethical obligations.

3 languish

4 ignominious darkness.

5 interalia.

6 decimated

7 catastrophic depletion

8 transcending concern

Plz its very urgent. I will give U thumps up


Here are the word meanings you asked for:

  • a holistic and ecological view: a view of earth that is holy and has rich ecology

  • inter alia: among other things

  • sustainable development: a development that does not focus on the present alone but also saves some sources for the future

  • decimated: to kill a large number of animals, plants or people in a particular area

  • languish: lot of species are neglected and go unnoticed

  • catastrophic depletion: a disastrous reduction in number of something
  • ignominious darkness: disgraceful/dishonoured as nobody has their knowledge or is enlightened about them

  • transcending concern: a concern that surpasses this generation, i.e., it is not about the present alone but more about the future

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