applicability of fayol principle of management on amul

  1. Division of work:The work is divided into small tasks or units instead of assigning the whole work to one person  ie in Amul each worker has their own tasks . One is given the task of taking milk from the cow .The milk is given to the transporting workers to deliver it  to the factory . milk is taken for pasteurisation  ,making cheese, chocolates etc.
  2. few persons have power to take decision and they have obligation to complete the task on time i.e authority and responsibility
  3. all the workers are service motive since amul is a co-operative sector .They have a common goal
  4. all the employees are fairly paid ie remuneration of process
  5. scalar chain is used here.
  6. gang plank is used in case of emergency
  7.  orderly arrangement of employees is there ie principle of order
  8. They are treated kindly treated ie principle of equity
  9. all he suggestions are welcomed ie initiative
  10. Since amul is a co-operative society .Its welfare is to protect the employees,they have a union. ie espirit de corps
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Principle of scalar chain applied by amul company
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Principles of management on amul
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Solutions of activities I want for sciense
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Principles of management in Amul
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