Raj, do not worry! Your concerns are quite obvious, like any rational consumer- which bundle of goods to be consumed and to what extent? Am I not sounding like explaining an Economics answer.

Believe me, just stick to it. All fine. Now, the question is how should I prepare? Right, for that follow the steps.
1. There will be some full-fledged direct questions- say Consumer Equilibrium, Market Features, Price-floor and price-ceiling and their respective consequences, GDP- not an index of welfare, multiplier, etc. These concepts are to be mastered. Whichever book you are comfortable with, follow that one to master such answers. Comfortable means- since you have already learnt some of the answers from that/those books, now at the end, you should not change the source/s to learn new answers of the same questions.

2. In case of any doubt, then refer to the video animations of those critical topics. If still you have any doubt, then refer to the explanation part. Believe me, that'll just need one reading of yours.

3. Now, coming to numerical based questions- it has defined territory and sources. Simply follow anything- any book, last eight years CBSE board papers. Just master them.

4. Lastly coming to HOTS and Application Based questions. You can simply go to Ask & Ans platform. Search for these keywords- 'Impact on PPC'..."Economic value in this scenario" will get all the questions answered by the experts on these cases.

5. Stick to the Revision Notes- simply superb! All crisp and concise. 

6. Refer to the solutions of last eight years CBSE board papers of Economics- Delhi, All India, Foreign sets. This will give you a glimpse of questions so far asked and will also help you to overcome the fear by getting used to types of questions being asked.

Don't worry...Believe me and you yourself can refer to any one topic that has been your doubt from Meritnation. If didn't get the concept even after referring to Meritnation content, let me know. However, if get the concept, then you know what you need to do.

Prepare well and all the very best!

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Hope u do sandeep garg
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Study material is too good. Notes too concise
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vk ohri is best
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but the latest edition
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Xam idea l bhai
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