are traditions waste of time for youth. write a debate favouring the motion

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Good morning everyone present here. I am going to express my views on ‘IS TRADITION A WASTE FOR THE YOUTH’; and I am going to speak in favor of the motion. I strongly believe youth and tradition are two incompatible things. The youth don’t like flowing traditions. I have seen many young children and adolescents asking questions from the elders regarding traditions. For example whenever there is any religious ceremony and performing of traditional rites, youngsters don’t like performing them and watching them. And when it comes to going to temple or any other religious place, they are usually reluctant. Traditions usually don’t attract the youth. Their age is such; they are rather attracted to modern things and technology. For example, gadgets, vehicles, fashion, friends, partying, hanging around with friends, video-games, movies, etc. occupy most of their attention. At the end I would again like to support my argument by saying that the youth consider traditions a waste.
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