Are yet and but same?

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‘Yet’ is similar to ‘but’. In sentences where the part coming after the conjunction is of an unexpected or a surprising nature, any one of them can be used. However, when the part following the conjunction is not of a surprising nature, it is always safe to use ‘but’.

For example:

I would like to go for the wedding, but I have important work to complete.

Let us replace ‘but’ with ‘yet’ in these sentences.

I would like to go for the wedding, yet I have important work to complete.

These sentences do not make the same sentence as the previous two sentences. Therefore, whenever in doubt, use 'but' instead of 'yet'.




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emm..... what??

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no 'yet' means about to happen or things had not still taken place. 'but' means something like defending or giving explanation to something that has happened. hope it will help u!

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This link will help u in details.

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No yet means tobhi(Hindi) or phirbhi(Hindi)  and but means par(Hindi)

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 no, yet and but are different .  yet means abhi tak and but means lekin . 

i think you will understand the difference between these by thier examples .......... which are as follows :-

  YET :-  i have not yet completed my homework .

  BUT :- i have completed my homework but i had forgotten my notebook .

i hope you have been understand . so, plss .. thumbs up ...!!!! 

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