Arrange the following into meaningful sentences
  1. never/ himself/ large/ solutions/ economic/ with/ Gandhiji/ political/ or/ contended
  2. doctor/ for/ got/ to/ his/ months/ services/ Gandhiji/ a/  volunteer/ six
  3. you/ want/ get/ this/ done/ work/ 9 a.m/ if/ 2 p.m./ had/ come/ better/ between/ you/ and
  4. know/ better/ than/ you/ disrespect/ to/ elders/ your
  5. what may/ you/ come/ finish/ homework/ your/ the party/ before/ will.

​pls answer faassttt :)

Dear student,

1. Gandhiji, never himself contented large political or economic solutions.
2. A volunteer doctor for six months services to Gandhiji.
3. If you had come between 9 am and 2 pm, you better get this work done.
4. You know better than to disrespect your elders.
5. Will you finish your homework before you come to the party.



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1.Gandhiji never contended himself with large economic or political solutions.
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