article on how powerful the time is in 120-150 words .. just hints is enough .. that too hints should be in a good grammar

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Given below are a few points that will help you frame a complete answer.
  • From the moment a person is born on the face of the earth, the clock of his life begins to tick.
  • This ticking of time is continuos and one that cannot be stopped by any individual.
  • It is true that 'time and tide waits for no man.'
  • Whatever one intends to do in the present moment, should be accomplished without delay and second thoughts.
  • If one waits to ponder and behave carelessly, it is undoubtedly true that one would have to regret in the future.
  • For example, every student enters a new academic year annually. If a child wastes his time carelessly, the end result will be failure and tears. However, this pain and tears are worthless when one regrets at not having used time resourcefully.
  • Thus, time is a powerful weapon that must be utilised carefully and wisely.
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Article : Time is Precious : 150 words.

Time is very precious to all of us. We should the value and respect the importance of time every single moment. We should not waste time at all till the end moment of our life. Time is very strong and powerful than everything in this world. It may destroy a lazy person as well as strengthen a hard working person. It can give lots of happiness, joy and prosperity to one however it may drop everything of one. We should learn the regularity, continuity and commitment from the time every single moment. It runs continuously without any disturbance. We too always try to go with time side by side to get real success in the life. There is a true saying that “If we ruin the time, it ruins us and our life”. We should understand the value of time and go ahead with it because time never stays for anyone special.

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