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  • For any society to progress it is essential to be disciplined.
  • Discipline is a set of rules that one has to follow, in order to live harmoniously with fellow human beings.
  • Nature is the greatest representation of disciplined lifestyle.
  • In the animal kingdom there is no place for wanton behaviour or killings. Animals hunt only when they are hungry. Herbivorous animals kill other animals only out of self-defence. Carnivorous animals hunt only for food.
  • It is essential that parents instill the importance of discipline in children, so that they grow up to be good human beings.
  • Children should understand the importance of rules and discipline. In the long run they are the ones who will benefit by following a disciplined life.

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Discipline is not only necessary but also vital for any civilized society, as a matter of fact, discipline and Nature are synonymous with each other and whenever anything happens, which defies or interrupts the usual in Nature, it becomes a calamity, and similarly life without discipline can become chaotic.

The term discipline means any training intended to develop moral character or produce a particular pattern of behavior accepted by afferent institutions and society.

Discipline is a way of life. It is vital in happing ones personality. According to one school of thought, there are here forms of discipline i.e. expressionistic, impressionistic and self- discipline.

If-discipline is usually considered to be the best form of discipline here in the term discipline instead of standing as a rigid code of conduct obi strictly adhered to, denotes a process of normal growth and learning, of ways to monitor oneself.

Self discipline is directly related to the concept of freedom and motivation. If a child is motivated and given the freedom to choose, discipline becomes a natural way of life.

In modern times, discipline is misunderstood and misinterpreted by some students as rigid and fixed set of rules enforced by others and to be followed without any questions being asked. They feel it is encroachment of their freedom and rights.

Discipline is not a term which is limited to institutions like schools and colleges only. Neither is it a weapon or tool in the hands of adults to control the younger generation or in other words seeking unquestionable compliance.

Discipline is neither suppression nor a means to assert ones authority rather it is intrinsic motivation in a person to control oneself, ones emotion, and desires and live in a uniform and orderly manner.

That everything in this universe has to follow certain rules, the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, come what may, the cycle of seasons also follows a pattern, Night follows, dusk which follows day and dawn, thus, we humans are also governed by rules and following the same is another term for discipline.

In schools, discipline can be exercised through the medium of morning assembly, time table, uniform, break, activities, various competitions and talk shows.

An example of discipline is also the happening of activities in the school premises in a particular order, right from promptness in reaching the school, wearing the prescribed uniform, abiding with the school rules, attending classes etc. etc.

When one learns to conform to a particular set of rules he understands the importance and need to follow a particular pattern in life and how veering away from them can make life difficult and confusing, All successful people understand the importance of discipline in their lives and enjoy the fruits of success.

An undisciplined person is prone to temptations and can easily fall prey to a lifestyle which could lead to his failure and doom. Discipline, thus! is inevitable as it gives direction to live life in a harmonious, and orderly way.

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