article writing on on social media and pubg

Dear student.
Creative questions are best answered by students themselves as it improves their writing skills. However, the following points can be used to frame the answer:
  • Social media is a huge part of our lives now. People feel the need to communicate every tiny detail of their lives via the internet.
  • Social media started as a means to connect people but has slowly taken over our lives. 
  • Teenagers and young adults are especially addicted to social media, which is not as good as they fail to interact with people in real life.
  • Games such as PUBG have also been talking over the lives of teenagers.
  • These games are very addictive.
  • The use of social media and playing games such as PUBG is not wrong as such. But attention must be paid as to how much time is spent on social media and games.

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do you play pubg g
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i playing in free fire
id name me  827727827 see it
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