As a reporter with the Hindu ,write a report about the central government campaign to rid India of single use plastic by 2020s including all the details about the needs and benefits.......pls
experts...answer fast...pls give the whole
Report...dont give points....dont give links....i need it urgently...tomorrow is my exam...answer fast

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- Single-use plastics are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.
- They include plastic bags, plates, sachets, bottles, etc.
- 90 percent of single-use plastics are dumped as waste onn land or in water bodies.
- Most plastics are non-biodegradable or take hundreds of years to break down.
- The toxic chemicals present in plastic products persist as pollutants and enter human and animal bodies where they cause several diseases such as cancer.
- They pollute the environment.
- So, we should ban single-use plastics.
- The Indian government aims to phase out single-use plastics by 2022.
- It has issued an advisory banning single-use plastic water bottles, polythene bags, plates, spoons, straws and many other such items.
- Fines and cancellation of licences of establishments persisiting to use single-use plastic have been suggested.
- Strict implementation of this policy can prove useful to save the environment.
- Globally, 60 countries have already banned single-use plastics.
- We should come up with alternative packaging solutions. 
- Without the availability of alternatives, the ban imposed will hit the industry hard.

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