As an aware citizen of India, you are concerned about the increase in road accidents in the metropolitan city Delhi. Interpret the data given below in 100-120 words. Add your own ideas also.
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1. The number of accidents per year in Delhi has been increasing by the year.
2. Compared to 1500 accidents in 2007, there was an increase of 350 more cases in 2010
3. The year 2008 accounted for near by 1550 accidents.
4.With in a span of 4 years the graph shows a regular rise. In the year 2009 the number of accidents rose to 1600
Many drivers flout traffic rules, jump red lights, do not wear helmets and overtake from the wrong side.
- Bikers perform dangerous stunts on congested roads.
- Pedestrians choose to cross roads at any place instead of zebra crossings.
- The youth find driving fast thrilling.
- All this is responsible for the increasing number of accidents.

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