At fetal life which of the following female germ cells are found
a. oocytes
b. primary oocyte
c. oogonia
d. secondary oocytes

Dear Student,

Ans. Option b) is correct: primary oocyte is found during fetal life. 

During the foetal development, the primordial germ cells divide and differentiate to form immature primordial follicles which is an oocyte surrounded by single layer squamous granulosa cells, when squamous granulosa cells increase in size and become cuboidal then it is called as primary follicle. Oogonia (germ cells) or the primordial oocyte are the cells which start to undergo division to form the egg cell. The oogonia that has completed the growth phase of division and is arrested in the prophase of first meiotic division is known as primary oocyte. 


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