Attempt a character sketch of Einstein on the basis of your reading of a truly beautiful mind

Dear student
Albert Einstein showed the sparks of a genius even at a young age. His miserable years at school revealed how a talented creative mind feels trapped and cloistered in the rigid system of education. Albert’s defiance is misunderstood by his teachers. His “unthinking honesty” is seen as a refusal to confirm to the education and not the learning of facts. His maths teacher had a high opinion of him. He said. “I can’t teach you more and probably you’ll soon be able to teach me’. Albert was humble and unassuming and he was uncomfortable with the excessive praise. Albert has an enquiring mind and a curious nature. He had a thirst for information and he liked to study books on science. He loved music and played his violin regularly. Albert had a frank and honest temperament and was quite sensitive and emotional. He was considered a rebel by most of his teachers. For him, ideas and enquiry were more important than facts or dates.


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