Aunt jennifer's effort to get rid of her fear proved to be futile. Comment.

Dear Student,

Aunt Jennifer, in order to divert her pain, weaves beautiful art of tigers prancing through a green landscape. But as she does that, her fingers shiver and her hand is burdened with the ordeal she was subjected to by his husband. She is not able to overcome the fears induced by his overbearing and dominant husband, who suppressed her and illtreated her. The expression 'massive weight of the wedding band' draws at the misery of Aunt Jennifer's life and her failure in forgetting all that had happened in her matrimonial arrangement. Her hands are terrified, not by physical weakness, but by the remnants, of the pain and fear inflicted by her husband, in her heart. Only her death could possibly free her from the sufferings.


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Aunt Jennifer has been married to a man who is very dominant and has squished aunt under his male ego. The patriarchal society that celebrates no one but a man, also plays a huge role in this. Aunt Jennifer, therefore, makes the fearless tigers on her panel who are very proud, dignified and are not afraid of the men in the forest. This is a depiction of how aunt wanted her life to be but couldn't get. 
Also after aunt dies, she will not be free from her traumatic past because of the wedding band on her finger. She will most probably be buried next to uncle which signifies their eternal bond. She will not get peace and quite even after her death as her soul will always remember those bad memories. 
Hence we can say, no matter how much Aunt Jennifer tries, she will always be uncle's wife and will alwaya be the timid, terrified woman she has become owing to her marriage. 

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