Ayush and Deeksha made pictures . Ayush made his picture on the rectangular sheet of length 60cm and breadth 20cm while deekhsha made hers on a rectangular sheet of length 40cm and breatmdth 35cm. Both these pictures have to be separately framed and laminated. Who has to pay more for framing, if the cost of framing is rs 3.00 per cm If the cost of laminationis rs 2.00 per cm2 , whi has to pay more for lamination ?

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Ayush's Case:Perimeter of rectangular sheet=2l+b=260+20cm=160cmCost of framing=Rs3×160=Rs480Area of rectangular sheet=l×b=60×20=1200cm2Cost of lamination=Rs2×1200=Rs2400cm2Deeksha'S case:Perimeter of rectangular sheet=2l+b=240+35cm=150cmCost of framing=Rs3×150=Rs450Area of rectangular sheet=l×b=40×35=1400cm2Cost of lamination=Rs2×1400=Rs2800cm2So,  Ayush will pay more for framing and Deeksha will pay more for lamination.

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