B. Change the following questions into indirect speech:

1. Father said to me, 'You want this bike, don't you?' 

2. Satish said to her, 'You can drive, can't you?' 

3. Mira said, 'Reshma is an actor, isn't she?' 

4. Krishna said to him, 'It's over, isn't it?' 

5. The child said to his sister, 'There are no chocolates left, are there?' 

6. Ketan said to Lalit, 'Bijoy has completed the project, hasn't he?' 

7. The coach said to Nayan, 'You can swim, can't you?' 

8. He said, 'The cleaner usually comes quite early, doesn't he?'

1. father asked me if I wanted that bike.
2. Satish asked her, if she could drive.
3. Mira asked if reshma was an actor.
4. krishna asked him if it was over.
5. the child his sister if there were any choclates left. 
6. ketan asked lalit if bijoy have completed the project.
7. the coach asked nayan if he could swim.
8. he asked if the cleaner usually comes quite early.
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father asked me if I wanted at bike
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