b. convert the following sentences into indirect speech and underline the changes in pronouns.

1.he said to me, ''do you think that everyone in the lot deserves equal attention?''

2.i said to him, ''what have you been doing in this sleepy little town for so many years?

3.he said to sam, '' i really feel sorry for harry who has not achieved the best in spite of his great effort.''

4. she sad to him, '' are you the owner of this departmental store?''

5. the trainer said to them, '' unless you are mentally sharp and tough,it will be extremely difficult for you to get through this test.''

1. He asked my opinion on whether everyone in the lot deserved attention.

2. I asked him what had he been doing in the sleepy little town for that many years.

3. He told Sam that he felt sorry for harry who had not achieved the best in spite of his great effort. 

4. She asked him whether he was the owner of that departmental store.

5. The trainer said that unless they were mentally sharp and tough, it would be extremely difficult for them to get through that test.

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