best refrence book for accounts class 11 cbse

Shaurya, this is one of those particular questions that we have been answering at the inception of every academic year. Belive me, if you are looking for the best reference book, then let me tell you about the deadly combination. Simply go for NCERT and follow the study material of every day religiously. Besides this, if you want to go for any other book, then the best suited will the one, which is being followed in your school. If you are looking to build-up your career in accountancy, since I am presuming the same, as you have opted for Commerce stream, then having a sound base and good command over Accountancy is something that will let you to enjoy comparative advantage over others. Thus, immense practice is something that you should aim at. In this regards, you can practise using MCQ tests, Descriptive Tests, Sample Papers and replying to your peers under A&A segment. Besides all this, in case, you stuck anywhere in this voyage, then resort to us, since we are here to help you out.

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