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24) Basophils release chemicals called _______________for inflammation. 
25) Resistance of the body against diseases is called _______________
26) The property by which WBC squeeze out through the walls of the blood capillaries is called _______________
27) The dead WBCs pass out of wounds together with tissue cells as _______________
28) _______________involves redness, swelling and pain in the region of wound.
29) Antibodies act as _______________to neutralize the poisonous effect of the toxins.
30) _______________is the smallest sized corpuscles of the blood. 
31) _______________ and _______________are denucleated in mammals. 
32) Giant cells of bone marrow that give rise to platelets are called  _______________
33) The lifespan of blood platelets is about  _______________ days. 
34) Blood platelets are responsible for 
35) _______________initiates the chain of reactions involved in blood clotting. 
36) Production of blood corpuscles is called_______________ 
37) _______________stops bleeding and prevent loss of vital body fluids. 
38) Blood loss is called _______________
39) _______________is the mineral and _______________is the vitamin needed for blood clotting. 
40) _______________is the insoluble protein which helps in the formation of clot. 
41) The substances which prevent clotting of blood are called _______________
42) _______________ and _______________are used as anticoagulants. 
43) _______________in leech and_______________in salivary gland of leeches are anticoagulants
44) _______________is a genetic disorder in which blood fails to clot when it comes out of blood vessels through any injury.
45) The transfer of blood from a healthy donor to a recipient in case of accidents or emergency is termed as _______________
46) _______________is the Scientists who first discovered different types of blood groups. 
47) Clumping together of blood is called _______________
48) Antigens are present on the _______________of RBC whereas antibodies are present in the_______________

Dear student.

24.  histamine.
25. Immunity.
26.  diapedesis.
27. Puss
28. Inflammation.

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25) Immunity
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