​brahim  has curly hair. His wife has straight  hair. They have a son and a daughter.  Which of the following is definitely true? 
   A.    Only the son will have curly hair.
   B.   -Only the daughter  will have curly hair. 
​C.Both the son and the daughter  will have curly hair.
   D.  We cannot say anything  for sure.

Dear student.

There are two types of genes that control the type of hair type, curly (C) and straight (s).
Curly hair (CC).
Straight hair (ss).
Wavy hair (Cs)

Father (CC) x Mother (ss)
All the offspring in F1 gen will have genotype (Cs)
This means all the offspring will have curly hair, but not same as that of father, as they also have straight gene 's' from the mother. They will get less curly and more wavy hair.

So here option  C. Both the son and the daughter will have curly hair is correct.



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