brain drain is a bane for a developing country like india debate

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No India is democratic country no matters India is developing country.
Everybody have fundamental right by this anybody can do job anywhere
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Honourable members of the jury, my fellow competitors and worthy audience, today I'm going?to express my views in favour of the motion "Brain drain is not a bane for a developing country?like India". First of all, I would like to ask how many intelligent persons go to foreign countries?every year on average. Dear friends, the number is just a handful.?India, the largest democracy in the world, with a population of more than 120 billion, is a fast?developing country. No doubt many students realise their dream to go abroad to study and?earn a lot of money but that is just a myth. The reality is that more than 80% of the people who?go abroad to study are those who are not competent enough to get admission in Indian?universities. In fact, the brain drain hardly has any effect on developing countries like India?because the real geniuses remain in our own country. A developing country like India works on?its resources. The major resource that India has is the human resource. India is a land of?geniuses and learned people and this is evident from the fact that India has done so much in?the field of science and technology from Mars Mission to the latest launch of IRNSS-1F satellite.

Indian educational institutions are supposed to be among the world's best.

Thus, a culturally diverse, economically strong, socially bonded country like India can never be?affected by the trivial issue of brain drain.

Thank you.
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