Bring out the differences between fascicular cambium and phellogen.

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The cambium present between primary xylem and primary phloem is called intrafascicular cambium or fascicular cambium. It has primary origin (unlike interfascicular cambium which is secondary in origin). Initially, it is a primar meristem which gets transformed into secondary meristem during secondary growth.

Phellogen (or cork cambium) is meristematic in nature which is responsible for secondary growth in stems and roots. It is responsible for the development of periderm.

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Vascular Cambium

1. The Vascular cambium is the remnant part of the apical meristem. It is present between the xylem and phloem of Vascular bundle.

2. This cambium continues to divide and adds secondary phloem on its outer side surrounded secondary xylem on its innerside.

3. The vascular cambium produces primary xylem and medullary rays respectively.

Cork Cambium:

1. The cork cambium is a true secondary meristem which develops in the region outside the vascular tissues.

2. This cambium gives rise to cork and secondary cortex towards outer and inner sides respectively.

3. The cork cambium produces phellogen, phellem and phelloderm collectively known as periderm.

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and if you are asking about its meaning then:

FASCICULAR CAMBIUM-  it is the type of cambium that develops within the vascular bundles producing secondary xylem and secondary phloem.

PHELLOGEN- the meristematic cell layer responsible for the development of periderm
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